Ik bevind me hier

2017 - Graduation Project ArtEZ university of the Arts

‘Ik bevind me hier’ (I’m standing here) is my graduation research about how we divide space in the Netherlands and how I experience my own personal space. Through this project, I aimed to explore the concept of space and how it is used and divided in the Netherlands, as well as how people interact with and relate to their personal space.

To calculate the average surface area per resident, I divided the surfaces of several areas by the population of people living within it. I have created 12 books, each covering a specific Dutch district, that provide this information for that district. The books are displayed on a wall with a map of the Netherlands, creating a three-dimensional infographic.

Next to this exhibit, I also created other objects with data visualization and publications with photography. By combining objective and personal data in a poetic visual research report, I was able to provide a more detailed and nuanced understanding of space. For example, my research revealed how the use of space varies between urban and rural areas, and how cultural and social factors can influence people's perceptions and use of space.

Overall, my graduation research highlighted the importance of understanding the ways in which space is used and perceived in different contexts.