Landtong zine

January 2022

24 Hour is an annual event where my group of friends get together to create art, illustrations, and design for 24 hours straight. Inspired by the 24 Hour comic day, this event is a test of creativity, endurance, and passion for the arts. In January 2022, the event was hosted by Vere in her studio at 'Nieuw en meer', a creative workspace located on a small peninsula, or 'Landtong' in dutch, in the forest near Amsterdam.

The 24 Hour event was an opportunity for the group to immerse themselves in their creative process. The zine 'Landtong' was created as a report of the event, capturing the essence of the 24 hours of creativity and the unique environment of the creative workspace. With illustrations, observations, the zine is a testament to the fun and creativity of 24 Hour.