Legal Roadmap Flight MH17

March 2022

The Dutch Government and Stichting MH17 requested a book and platform to provide legal i

nsight into the downing of Flight MH17. Marieke de Hoon, Assistant Professor of International Criminal Law at UVA, studied the procedures surrounding the incident and asked me and my colleagues at Patroon Legal Design to help visualize her study.

Our goal was to make these complicated procedures accessible to a broad audience, including the next of kin and the press. The ‘Legal Roadmap MH17’ contains a chapter for each important legal procedure related to the incident.

While my colleagues worked on the legal infographics, my job was to design the complex material into an accessible platform and book for a broad audience. I decided to assign a unique color to each chapter/procedure: yellow, blue, red, purple, green, and grey. These colors are included on the ribbon at the book cover. The color is also shown on the side of every right page, helping the reader to orient themselves while reading the book. Each procedure also has its own icon, a picture of the court where it is located. We created several infographics and timelines to help visualize the complexity of the procedures.

With this roadmap, we aimed to bring a little bit of justice to a case that will never truly be justified. The next of kin greatly appreciated this book and platform.