The Moody Diary

May 2019

The Moody Diary is a unique workbook designed to help individuals gain insights into their mental states. The diary is a simple yet powerful tool that allows users to track their moods, rate their days, and collect statistics about their emotional state over a year. By using the diary, individuals can gain a better understanding of their mental well-being and identify patterns or triggers that may be affecting their mood.

The Moody Diary is a great way to provide perspective and relativize bad periods by allowing users to see that there were also some good days in that period. Additionally, the diary is customizable to fit each user's needs, as users can also make extra notes to every day, such as menstruation, the moon cycle, or whatever is useful. This feature enables individuals to identify patterns or correlations between their moods and external factors.

The workbook encourages users to practice self-reflection, promotes self-awareness and helps users to stay grounded during difficult times.

105 x 148 mm
Recycled paper
€20,- (excl. shipping costs)

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